Meet Bobby

The “Boom Boom Boomerang” Toad

Meet Bobby, the “boom boom boomerang” toad, introduced to Zeni by her very nosey and extremely imposing, Aunt Luna, who is convinced she is going to lead Zeni to the Promised Land of Matrimony. After all, Zeni is over forty and has never been married, a plight akin to death, according to her Aunt Luna.

While Zeni is apprehensive about meeting Bobby, Aunt Luna insists her matchmaking skills have found the perfect Prince Charming. Forging ahead with her plans, Aunt Luna finagles a meeting between Bobby and Zeni one afternoon, hoping Bobby will be hooked, once he lays eyes upon Zeni. Aunt Luna is over the moon when Bobby admits after the meeting that he is interested in dating Zeni.

For weeks on end, Aunt Luna repeatedly hounds Zeni with reports about Bobby and his efforts to ask Zeni out on a date. Finally, one afternoon, Bobby shows up at Zeni’s office bearing a rather unique gift draped over this right shoulder.

Does Bobby ask Zeni out on a date that afternoon at her office? Is Aunt Luna successful with her matchmaking efforts, resulting in Zeni finally reaching the Promised Land of Matrimony?

Find out more about Zeni’s escapade with the “boom boom boomerang” toad in chapter four. Zeni’s hilarious exchanges with her Aunt Luna are guaranteed to leave you in stitches.

Preview Excerpt from Chapter Four

Zeni is at her law office when Bobby stops by to see her and brings her an elk rug as a gift from his recent hunting trip in Alaska. The scene starts here:

When I opened the door from the hallway, I saw Bobby, standing in the lobby. The elk rug was draped over his right shoulder.

As Bobby approached me, I caught a whiff of the cologne he was wearing, a musky sort of scent which surprisingly complement the quasi-hunter theme he had going on.

“It’s nice to see you, Zeni,” he said as he kissed me on the cheek.

“You, as well. What’s that on your shoulder?” I asked, all innocence.

“I shot an elk when I was in Alaska and had the pelt cured to make this rug for you,” Bobby said, removing the rug from his shoulder and displaying it to me.

“Oh, how kind,” I tried my best to seem gracious about his rather barbaric gift. “Why don’t you come into my office?”

“I’d love to,” he said, following behind me, the rug back on his shoulder.

Once inside my office, he gently laid the rug on the floor.

“Have a seat,” I said, pointing to an empty chair located across the desk from me. “Now, tell me, what happened to the poor elk?”

Warts & Imperfections

  • king of rebound relationships
  • inability to be alone
  • purports to believe in change yet unable to effectuate same

Relationship Outlook

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