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The “Sugar Papa” Toad

Meet Sergie, the “sugar papa” toad, who Zeni meets on an on-line dating site she joins to conduct some research for her chronicles. After posting a profile on the site and receiving a deluge of e-mails from men all around the world, none of whom capture her interest, Zeni decides to proactively search the members’ profiles when she comes upon Sergie’s profile.

Although Sergie is looking to meet a woman under forty, Zeni decides to e-mail him even though she is forty-two years of age. Seconds later, after sending her e-mail, Zeni has second thoughts and feverishly attempts to delete her e-mail. Thinking she has been successful, she is later surprised when she receives an e-mail from Sergie in reply.

Zeni and Sergie then engage in a hilarious e-mail exchange where each learns some surprising secrets about the other. Once their respective secrets have been exposed, Sergie asks Zeni to dinner. When Sergie arrives to pick her up for their date, though, Zeni is surprised by another secret he has been keeping.

What does Zeni discover when Sergie arrives at her home? Does Sergie grant Zeni a pardon for being over forty, or is she “over the hill” in Sergie’s eyes?

Find out more about Zeni’s escapade with the “sugar papa” toad in chapter eight. Zeni’s adventure into the world of on-line dating will leave you wondering if it is all it’s cracked up to be.

Preview Excerpt from Chapter Eight

Zeni decides to try on-line dating to conduct some field research for her book. She meets Sergie on a dating site called “Sugar Papa”. Here is part of an e-mail exchange between Zeni and Sergie:

In reading through Sergie’s email, I realized he had uncovered my identity by the fact he referenced I was Italian and a lawyer. As I sat there laughing about his investigative success, I attempted to open the photo attached to the email.

After several failed attempts, the photo finally opened into a new window displaying a small headshot, measuring approximately one inch by one inch on my computer screen.

“Damn!” I said out loud as I attempted to enlarge the photo. “I can barely see him in this photo. And it’s only a headshot so I still have no idea what he looks like from the shoulders down.”

With my curiosity now at its peak, I sent Sergie the following email:

Dearest Sergie,

Ah, touché! As for being a good attorney, my reputation precedes me. I’ve attached some photos of myself with family members and friends. By the way, can you resend your photo in another format? I can barely see you in the tiny photo you sent.

Dredging the swamp while I await your response, Zeni

Warts & Imperfections

  • lies about his biographical information
  • looking for a midnight booty-call
  • suffers from “hotness delusion syndrome”

Relationship Outlook

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