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The Toad Shop Is Now Open!

Thanks for stopping by the Toad Shop where you can purchase books written by author and inspirational speaker, Nikki Karis, who is the creator of The Toad Chronicles series and founder of Finding Zeni, an inspirational company. Karis’ books are also available through major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, and others.

As the months go by, additional merchandise will be added to the Toad Shop. Check back regularly to purchase your Toad Gear, and join Zeni as you awaken to the journey.

The Toad Chronicles Adventure Ride Series

Join Zeni for an exciting, theme park adventure ride through the metaphorical swamps of life, as she recounts her tales to find Prince Charming. During this five-part series,  Zeni uncovers some life-altering secrets of the Universe, changing her perception of life, love, and relationships. Armed with this knowledge, she transforms into her Superhuman, Divine Self, and then shares her journey with guests aboard the ride to empower them to transform as well.

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Becoming Grace Series

Enjoy Nikki Karis’ Becoming Grace Series, including her 800 inspiring messages and 500 powerful affirmations, all dedicated to inspiring and empowering you to become your authentic God Self while achieving an amazing state of grace.

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Other Karis Books

Enjoy these inspiring books written by Nikki Karis, including her Heartwarming Animal Messages inspired by her forty plus rescue animals residing at the Karis Animal Sanctuary and dedicated to all the stray, neglected, and abused animals around the world.

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Audio Books

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Nikki Karis’ The Toad Chronicles – Awaken to the Journey, Karis’ Becoming Grace Series, and her Heartwarming Animal Messages, all available in audio form.

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The Toad Chronicles – Short Stories Series

To give readers a sneak peek inside The Toad Chronicles adventure ride series, Nikki Karis is publishing Zeni’s escapades with each of the toads showcased during the various legs of the ride as short stories. These short stories do not contain the adventure ride narrative between Zeni and guests aboard the ride.

These short stories can be purchased individually or in a bundle. Buy one, three, six, or as many as you like, and get to know the various subspecies of toads living in the swamps. Presently, twelve short stories are available for purchase, depicting the toads showcased in Awaken to the Journey, book one of the series.

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