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Theresa G., Illinois

What an amazing and inspiring ride traveling with Zeni and her guests through the proverbial swamps of life. Nikki Karis has created a unique literary experience which is unsurpassed.

adminTheresa G., Illinois
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Vicki H., Florida

HILARIOUS!!! This book is full of laugh-out-loud moments. The Toad Chronicles is a GREAT read, and Nikki Karis is the new star of fictional writing.

adminVicki H., Florida
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Terry M., Georgia

This book is written with so much passion, humor, and adventure that I found myself racing through the pages wanting to experience more. Kudos to Nikki Karis for a most inspiring literary work!

adminTerry M., Georgia
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Edward B., California

Zeni is the new Wonder Woman! She is definitely an inspiring role model for anyone going through challenges or wanting to make major changes in their life. Thank you, Nikki Karis, for bringing Zeni to life.

adminEdward B., California
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