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About Book One of the Series

Get ready to be whisked away aboard The Toad Chronicles, an inspiring, theme-park adventure ride, set in the metaphorical swamp of life. During the various legs of the ride, Zeni, the series protagonist and narrator of the ride, recounts the tales of her escapades to find Prince Charming, only to be met by a swamp filled with never ending toads.

In book one of the series which is leg one of the ride, seven guests, hailing from different backgrounds, join Zeni and Jose, the ride’s driver, aboard a swamp buggy and travel to ten destinations, meeting two species of toads: the “religious freak” and “commitment creep” toads, for a total of eleven subspecies of toads showcased during leg one.

At the end of each escapade, Zeni and her guests engage in an empowering discussion in which Zeni imparts some of the life-altering wisdom she discovered during her adventures. Ultimately, this wisdom changed Zeni’s outlook on life, love, and most importantly, herself, enabling her to rise up in her empowerment, escape the swamp ,and become the hero of her own fairytale.

Join Zeni for this inspiring adventure through the swamp. Learn how to rise up, become empowered, and break free of limitations.

**Karis has chosen to use the pen name of “Giana Solomon” when rebranding this series, in honor of a very special young lady who inspired Karis during her journey of awakening.

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Meet the Toads from Book One

As readers travel with Zeni in her escapades, they are introduced to nine species of toads scattered across six of the seven continents. There are no toads presently living on the continent of Antarctica due to the below freezing temperatures, but climate change may impact that scenario very soon.

The nine species include: the “religious freak” toad; the “commitment creep” toad; the “mental reject” toad; the “egomaniacal” toad; the “eager beaver” toad; the “sexual deviant” toad; the “behavior buffoon” toad as well as the “scary” toad. There is also a species dubbed as the “geographically challenged” toad who can be found living in Cuba.

In Escape the Swamp, which is the first leg of the adventure ride, readers encounter two of the nine species, the “religious freak” toads and eight “commitment creep” toads, for a total of eleven toads showcased in book one of the series.

Click on the button to enter the swamp and meet the toads from leg one of the adventure ride.

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About Nikki Karis, the Author

Meet Nikki Karis, author, inspiring speaker, animal advocate, and creative entrepreneur. Karis’ given name is Nikki Marie Kavouklis, and she resides on the West Coast of Florida with her rescue cats and dogs, who inspire her as she creates and writes.

Prior to launching her inspiring projects, including her book series and merchandise site, she was a practicing personal injury attorney for twenty-eight years, having her own law firm with six locations at the height of her practice. During the pandemic of 2020, however, Karis finally decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her lifelong dream of inspiring others via her empowering books and uplifting merchandise.

On June 10, 2021, Karis launched Karis Brands, her merchandise site, along with T1 Rise, a super-brand of eight risings. She also launched Tailzee, a social network platform devoted to uniting humans and their animals around the world. There are additional projects in the works which Karis hopes to launch throughout 2022.

For pleasure, Karis enjoys reading, traveling, rescuing animals, collecting art, and decorating her circa 1925 home. She also loves exploring the world, and hopes to grow Finding Zeni, Inc., the holding company for her projects, into a successful, caring, and compassionate company with a mission to uplift and empower others.

Stay tuned for more information, as Karis is set to release Escape the Swamp, July 15, 2021, and GodDogs: an Inspiring, True Story of Rescue and Awakening, late Summer of 2021. Also, check the Karis Brands shop for her other book series, Becoming Grace, which is available in several formats, as well as enjoy hundreds of inspiring Karis Brands products.

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